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Horticulture Therapy Today
     Despite the short history on horticulture therapy, I think that this is just the beginning of the future for it.  In 1955, there was a undergraduate degree offered in Hort Therapy by Michigan State, and by 1971 there was a graduate program at Kansas State University.  This shows that horticulture therapy is no longer just an idea, it is now a profession that will continue to grow. 

     Today horticulture therapy is used in all kinds of environments that maybe you never even thought about.  Many people associate horticulture with older people but in fact horticulture therapy can be used for children and people of all ages.  With this in mind, can you think of any environments that may benefit from having some horticulture incorporated?  Today it is used in hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, prisons, rehabilitation facilities, schools, businesses, and even private homes.  This is growing also to other places such as non-profit organizations like City Farmer.

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