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Benefits of Horticulture Therapy
The benefits that horticulture therapy offers are varied form person to person.  This therapy enhances physical, mental and social health. People of any age can participate and the activities can be varied according to their abilities.  Activities of horticulture therapy 
can be made accessible for anyone.  Work areas can be raised to accommodate people in wheelchairs and unable to bend, as well as for children so they don't walk through the garden or so smaller children don't put the plants in their mouths.

The specific benefits of horticulture therapy are listed next: 

Physical:  increase range of motion, improve fine motor skills, tone under used muscles, improve coordination and balance, increase muscular strength.
Mental:  Increases independence, increase self-esteem, increase observation skills, provides choices and ability to use problem solving skills, encourages creativity, provides outlet for stress, anger, and emotions.
Social:  opportunity to interact with others, commitment to a living thing, cooperation and team working skills, dealing with success and failure, provides an environment to learn and be inspired by others.

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